Vision | Mission

Vision ::

The campus has the vision to ensure the quality life of the marginalized, promotion of middle class and other people spontaneously and to maintain the quality of life of the people through the provision of various types of contemporary subjects, programs and services.

Mission ::

The mission of the campus is to produce competent human resources including marginalized groups and remote areas of Nepal.

Goals ::

The goal of institution is to develop itself by producing skilled resources through education, research and social welfare services. In addition to success in education and profession; campus aims on developing a vibrant graduate with tolerant, balanced, independent and ethically motivated quality.


Objectives ::

i. To develop well-equipped campus with dynamic lecturers, research facility, practical classes, output oriented

ii. To provide students’ a wide range of resources on subject matter required for quality education that combines
effective skills as well as high level of confidence.

iii. To build up standard physical infrastructure equipped with environment friendly and convenient learning

iv. To practice and facilitate linkage with national and international academic and prepare students highly
practical academician in the field of their related subjects and programs.

v. To prepare leaders for planning, organizing, delivering and evaluating subject related policies and services
within the country and the globe

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